Jessie Thompson

"I enjoy my yoga class and can't wait for the days I have it on. I am 66 and it has helped me feel good about myself. I have more balance and can slow down without feeling guilty."

Jean Johns

"Elisa was the "bridge" that connected me to Kundalini Yoga. I do not believe my journey would have been so successful without her knowledge and inspiration.

She is approachable and sensitive to the needs of each and every student. She puts her heart and soul into every class."‚Äč

Customer Testimonials

Eileen Bowen

"I have Parkinson's and was getting discouraged as my ability to participate in everyday activities became difficult. Elisa, through her yoga class, has helped me to develop strength, flexibility and balance. I'm back to my activities --being successful again. I will never give up my yoga!"

Carolyn Young

"I came to yoga class 1 1/2 years ago to work on my body and improve mobility. Elisa has opened doors using Kundalini Yoga to broaden my physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It has become a true blessing. Sat Nam!"

Gerry Pratt

"Elisa believes wholeheartedly in Kundalini Yoga. Her classes are well-rounded and challenging. As she takes her students through the yoga moves, she also incorporates important facts about how to maintain a healthy body; i.e., breathing exercises. She has a gentle yet firm command of her classes and at the same time keeps a pleasant smile at all times."